How to use the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S


The question of using devices on the Microsoft console is rather thorny; here is the position of the company and how to overcome the limitations.

It has long been expected, and also with some impatience, that it was possible to use the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One S, but in fact, it is not possible with official tools but through the use of adapters. Adapters that, it must be said, as we will see they work very well, but raise a fundamental problem that many have complained to Microsoft and to which the company has its own precise operating line.

The Xbox One S is the latest version of the Microsoft console and, as we explained in our in-depth look at the console, has made improvements in both design and hardware.

The advantage of using the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S

All gamers know that, especially for some titles, using the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S is a distinct advantage over those using a controller. We also wondered if it was correct, in a sort of deontology of gamers, that there was this imbalance that prevents a comparison to the same (as if in war a contender went with the lances and the other with guns). Microsoft is perfectly aware of the problem and, not only from the point of view of the game itself, decided in part not to decide: that is, the ability to use the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S is at the discretion of developers to choose whether to offer this possibility or not.

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The controversy was (more or less) resolved by Mike Barra (Corporate Vice President - Gaming of Microsoft) on Twitter who stated, in fact, that the decision to use or not API can prevent the use of keyboard adapters and mouse on Xbox One S is up to developers as the use of the keyboard and mouse in some cases is instead an advantage, especially in terms of accessibility.

So if you use the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S it is not forbidden, at the same time Microsoft has not released official products to use them; that's when we need to turn to adapters. Let's see what they are.

Keyboard and mouse adapters

As we have seen, it is possible to use the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One S, but to do this you need to use adapters and configure them. Not being, in fact, official products, it is necessary to configure them with some settings and, not a secondary aspect, to consider that to use them you must have the obstruction of the cables. Let's see the three best adapters to use the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S.

Titan One

From the size and the shape of a pen drive the Titan One adapter is a good solution for toys with keyboard and mouse on Xbox One S. To use it, simply connect it to the console, download and install an additional MaxAim DI plug-in to map the controls and have the console read commands sent from these two devices. Finally, it is good to remember that with Titan One it is possible to connect only one device (or the mouse or the keyboard).

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The solution proposed by CronusMax is certainly more interesting both in terms of compatibility and practicality and versatility. With this adapter, in fact, you can use on your Xbox One S keyboard or mouse and controllers of different consoles(such as the Dualshock of the PlayStation). Unlike other adapters, CronusMax is the most economical solution, but even in this case, there is only one USB port.


To overcome the limitations of the presence of a single USB port, here is the XIM 4 adapter, a sort of small hub with two USB ports that allows you to connect both the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. Despite having a price slightly higher than the other two is one of the most appreciated solutions also as the simplicity of configuration and use.

Compatibility with games

If these adapters allow you to connect the keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One S, however, make sure that the devices you want to use are compatible with these devices. Furthermore, not all games in circulation are supported by these adapters; therefore it is advisable to first inquire about compatibility and then proceed with the purchase.

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