Although not very useful for most, many users need to know at the moment the exact time of other parts of the world, either because of work or because they have friends and/or family thousands of miles away. In these cases, the world clock of the iPhone and the Watch will allow you to know at any time the exact time of anywhere on the planet.

Use the world clock to know what time it is there

Keeping track of time zones is easy with the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Especially if you use the complication for the clock that lets you know this information just by taking a look. Let’s start by establishing different cities: Apple Watch to be able to keep track of them with a look. Let’s start with the iPhone then look at creating different cities on the Apple Watch.

On your iPhone

  1. Open the Clock app and touch the World clock located in the lower left corner
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right corner to add a new city
  3. Use the search or select a city from the list.
  4. New cities will be added automatically to the bottom of the list. Click on Edit (in the upper left corner) and organize them according to your preferences by dragging them up or down.

Any city that you add on the iPhone will be automatically synchronized and displayed on the Apple Watch. But you can also do this on your watch: 

On your Apple Watch

  1. Open World Clock (touching the orange icon with the symbol of a globe in it or ask Siri to open it)
  2. Tap Today, in the upper left corner
  3. Press Add city
  4. Dictate the name of the city and select it in the results to add it

Now you can see the time of the saved cities by clicking on each of them, both graphically and digitally, including the time of sunrise and sunset. And do not forget to add the complication of the World Clock to your favorite Apple Watch sphere.


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