VAVOO Pro per PC by techlector
VAVOO Pro per PC by techlector

Thanks to the tip of our loyal player Gigi we will share a video tutorial on how to use VAVOO on a PC without having to resort to using VPN programs. We will not dwell on the complete description because the steps to be performed are really very simple. The only advice we can give you is to download the two necessary files from our links that are free of advertising spam.

VAVOO is a fork of KODI but with a pre-installed build that will allow you free access to lots of multimedia content from all over the world.

Useful files:

Here are the files needed to use VAVOO Pro on a PC; both are in RAR format and must be extracted to be installed.

  • VAVOO-Webinstaller-i386 by CodeBreak.rar: [DOWNLOAD]

Now that you have the files downloaded the two files without spam from the links suggested in the video description, follow it carefully and you will have no problem using VAVOO Pro on your Windows PC:


This article is written for informational purposes only. The author and the staff of assume no responsibility for any malfunctions or copyright violations associated with the use of the app reviewed in the previous video.

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