Instagram is the social network of the moment used by millions and millions of people. A perfect social network that every day is flooded with new photos posted by members. In today’s guide, we explain how to view the photos stored on Instagram by following the easy and fast steps.

Viewing photos stored on Instagram is a breeze. For those who do not know that on Instagram you can view photos, or delete it from the visibility on the personal page without having to remove it. Many rely on this option as a classic archive, while other users when they have old photos that no longer intend to show.

To archive this on Instagram just click Settings and, in fact, click on the item Archive. To get them back, go to your personal profile – the little icon on the bottom right – and on the clock at the top right, then turn your attention to Archive and Post. To restore them, open the content, the Settings menu again and Show in profile.

Viewing photos stored on Instagram is really simple. Drop a comment below if you have problems.


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