How to program automatic replies on Instagram
How to program automatic replies on Instagram

As social media is becoming more popular, the brains behind it are taking security more seriously. Instagram, one of the popular platforms, has a complete set of policy protections in their software that will hide our information away from unwanted users.

It does not matter if you are trying to hide your picture collections from your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, future bosses, or any other unwanted guest, you can simply keep your account private and it is mission accomplished. With a protected profile, your page will not be visible to just anyone, and you will need to approve followers one at a time, aiding the management of who is able to and who cannot view your account.

But how about those that want to view a private Instagram account? There is no simple answer to this question but it does not mean it is impossible. Let’s expatiate on How To View Private Instagram Profiles:

How Can I View A Private Instagram Account?

1. Wait For Approval

To view a private Instagram account, the simplest and easiest way is to follow the account and wait for the approval. Normally, the owner of the protected account approves people they are familiar with, so if the person knows and trusts you, you should get approved. As soon as your request has been approved, you will be able to view that individual’s profile and see any picture they have uploaded to Instagram.

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2. Search Their Username And Real Name

Simply get yourself logged into your Instagram account and search for the target you want to research online. When you see the person’s private account, his or her username will be visible too. Copy the name to your phone’s clipboard since we will use the name soon.

After that, access Google Images or any other image-based search engine you fancy and paste the copied name into the search box. Where am I going with this? It is simple. On the web, it is possible that the individual you are searching for has left a clue before he or she made his or her account private on Instagram. Most times, the pictures shared on Instagram get shared somewhere else, simplifying the process of you finding the person’s pictures with their Instagram ID. If they had multiple photo accounts in the past on Flickr or other photo sharing sites, you can get some of that info in your search results.

This strategy can also work when you use the real names of non-celebrities. It will not grant you access to a complete Instagram account, but if you are searching for some additional pictures of a particular person on Instagram, with their login ID, you can locate pictures of them shared on other websites and easily bypass Instagram’s privacy protection. This is not a permanent fix though.

3. Use Instagram Viewer Sites And Fake Accounts

There are sites that tell you they can help you view private profiles on the gram, a few names are WatchInsta, Instaspy, Private Instaviewer and so on, but we do not recommend them. They promise you the world but they are very suspicious and shady. They are even trouble for your own account and I am sure you do not want that.

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If you have attempted to add the person on Instagram with a friendly message and failed, there is one other useful option, and that is fake accounts. Please note that Instagram does not support fake accounts, so you do this at your own risk.

If you still decide to create a fake Id, see ways to be accepted by a private Instagram account user:

  • Use a female profile pic for your fake account. A girl’s picture is seen as more friendly and safe.
  • Add real pictures to your fake Instagram account. You must also make your fake Instagram ID a private account too.
  •  If the private Instagram account you wish to follow does not approve your request to follow them, send the person a DM. Declare your interest in following him or her and state your reasons. You never know.

4. The Doppelganger

Check this out, what type of Instagram accounts will a private account user most likely approve without giving it much thought?

The simple answer is the accounts he or she has already approved but will show up once more waiting to be approved. On Instagram, unfollowing and refollowing is something normal, so when they see a friend’s account back in their approval queue, it might be confusing but it could be approved. It might not work for all, but at least there is a chance.

How do you get the friend’s account you might ask? Since the private status of the user will not reveal who is following him or her for you to know which friend to disguise as, simply check the person’s accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on and do your thing.

5. Trick The Person Into Following You

Lastly, this one is illegal as well. To have access to that private Instagram account, you can simply create a fake profile and try to deceive the user into following your account. If that happens, you will be able to view the private account anytime you want. We, however, advise you to not do this because it could rubbish the trust the user has in you and your fake account could be detected.


All in all, the best method is reaching out to the user you wish to follow and accepting any decision from him or her. You might be approved or ignored, just accept it and move on.

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