How To View Who Saw Your Calendar In Outlook?


It might be for business or personal use, but Outlook’s calendar can pass as the best time management tool in the world right now. Your schedule with others can be shared with friends and organized in the most appropriate manner, and it also aids your viewing of other people’s calendars to make sure you are all working towards the same deadlines.

There are loads of features in Outlook that aids smooth collaboration, but this is not to say it is flawless. If you are concerned about who is checking out your calendar, some restrictions can set in.

Can I See Who Viewed My Calendar?

The reply you will get from me is yes and no. Even if this feature can be accessed to some extent, the entire information you require will not be provided.

Except you are a calendar admin, knowing who viewed your calendar is difficult. And even if you are an admin, you will only be able to view the most recent account that logged into it. Immediately a different account views the calendar, the previous account will no longer be seen, so it is impossible to see the complete list of people that checked it out.

What you can do next is check who can see your calendar. To get this done, head to Share > Calendar Permissions. A complete list of people that can access your calendar will be revealed and you will also see the kind of access they all have.

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What Does Your Calendar Appear Like To Others?

How others view your calendar is dependent on the information that you choose to share with them. Except you make up your mind to share the details of your activity, they can only view if you are free or tied up.

If you choose to share your calendar with others, they can view everything about your appointments. But if you fancy restricting access to some information, you will be able to set some appointments to Private.

When you share a calendar, you will be able to choose several access permissions. For instance, if you choose Full Details

, others will view the subject, time, location, all notes and information that you shared in the calendar.

But meanwhile, Limited Details will only reveal the subject, time, and location.

Apart from you, it is also possible to assign editors and delegates that can modify your calendars. Delegates can act in your absence by sharing lots of details, plus send and reply requests.

How Can I Open Other People’s Calendars?

Seeing other user’s calendars in Outlook is seamless and it can achieved with a few taps. This is how to go about it:

  1. Within the Calendar page in Outlook, head to Open Calendar > Open Shared Calendar.
  2. A window will appear, revealing the names of the people whose calendar you have access to. Tap Name and then choose a name from the ones seen on the list.
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You can view several information, even if it depends on your access permission. It will be revealed on the right side of your display, you can check about 30 calendars next to each other.

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How Can I Delegate Calendar Access?

If you are going on a holiday or you just intend to transfer the management of your calendar for any reason, this can be done by having a delegate. Like i wrote earlier, delegates are able to send and accept meeting requests in their manager’s absence and also modify lots of items inside a document.

To let another person have control of your calendar, do this:

  1. Inside the Calendar View, head to File > Account Settings, then select Delegate Access.
  2. Tap "Add" and then you can choose a name from the list or enter it. Tap the name and head to Add.
  3. Within Delegate Permissions, grant your delegate Editor permissions. Something else you can do is exit the dialog box and select any of the following options.
    – My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me.
    – My delegates only.

This grants a different user complete access to your calendar, but you can still view it all yourself and know what is going on with your personal schedule.

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