Are you live streaming a baseball game presently in progress? Or you are viewing a Weezer clip with all the memes from the early 2000s? YouTube is always doper on the big screen, and by a big screen, I mean your TV.

If you own a smart TV or a streaming device like Roku, it is very simple to view YouTube (or YouTube TV) on your television. And it is equally simple to control YouTube with your mobile phone, tab or PC. Let’s show you how below:

How Can I Watch YouTube On My Television?

On your television, open the YouTube application. Then launch the YouTube app on your smartphone or tab. In the mobile application, click your icon (top right corner from the YouTube app home screen) and then tap Settings.


How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel Or Brand Account?

Now click “Watch on TV.” If you have paired it previously, your television will begin to play YouTube immediately.


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If it is not paired already, a numeric code will be visible on the television. Type it into the application to connect your television, and then you can begin to enjoy YouTube on the TV and control the clips with your device or tab.

To make use of a PC to control YouTube on your television, head to the website and then open the YouTube application on the TV. Then type the code on the television into the box on the PC that says, “Enter TV code” and you are good to go.

When all this is done, you will be able to view any YouTube or YouTube TV video and control all settings with your remote, smartphone or PC.

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