How To Watch Ariana Grande Perform At Coachella Today?

If you willing to yell "thank u, next" all night long with thousands of people in the Indio, CA desert hours from now for Coachella — and, even more appealing, Ariana Grande’s history-making headline performance — you are not alone. YouTube is making that happen for you and it is even more convenient than being live at the venue.

For the 9th year running, YouTube is set to livestream the amazing event, meaning your beloved Ariana Grande’s performance will only be a few taps away on your mobile phone.

She will perform today, April 14 at 10:30 p.m. PST i.e 6:30 am in Lagos Nigeria, making her performance be at 1:35 a.m. on the East Coast stream, tomorrow, April 15.

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This is definitely a show to lose sleep for. Rumor has it that Ariana will unveil *NSYNC for a reunion during her performance, so be rest assured that you are set for nothing short of massive entertainment.

Fans are allowed to stream on Coachella’s YouTube Channel or in the YouTube Music app.

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3 channels will be available to you to stream from, granting those at home the access they crave to several performances simultaneously, which is absolutely better than the experience you get live. Ariana’s performance will be on Channel 1, and other musicians and breathtaking interviews will be shown on lots of channels. To ensure you miss nothing, it is possible to create a personalized watching schedule. The live stream will switch channels automatically to ensure the musicians you selected are the ones you get to watch.

Also, alongside the Grande performance, fans can decide to include Guava Island in their viewing schedule. The intensely-anticipated Childish Gambino and Rhianna film will be displayed across all 3 channels at 8 p.m. EST i.e 1:00 am in Lagos Nigeria.

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