SpaceIL recently confirmed on Twitter that its live broadcast will start at 21:45 Israel time (18:45 UTC) and the landing process will begin at 22:05 (19:05 UTC).

Just after elections, Israel is about to become the fourth country to land on the surface of the moon.

Israeli space startup SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries’ lander, named Beresheet which is Hebrew for “Genesis” is presently in orbit and getting prepared for its scheduled dive down to the lunar surface today.

Landing on the moon has been done by just 3 countries, the USA, the Soviet Union, and China, but India’s Chandrayaan-2 (“moon vehicle”) mission should join this list soonest.

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Where Can I View The Beresheet Moon Landing Live?

SpaceIL has readied a YouTube channel for broadcasting live pictures of the landing and right from the moon’s surface. Its title is “LIVE broadcast – Beresheet lands on the Moon Fasten your seatbelts, we are about to land.” It will begin to air at 21:45 Israel time (18:45 UTC). You will get more information from SpaceIL’s Twitter account today and also their website.

As you await the remarkable project, you can view a brilliant simulation of how Beresheet traveled to the moon, which involved a set of elliptical orbits of the Earth.

When Will The Beresheet Land On The Moon?

Beresheet will touch down at 19:05 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) today, which is the same time, listed below for cities all over the globe. From wherever you are, conversion to any timezone can be done via the link you just saw. That timing is effective with the moon because it’s at First Quarter on April 11 and Beresheet’s landing site will be illuminated by the Sun.

Exact Time For The Popular Cities Around The World?

05:05 on Friday, April 12 in Sydney

04:05 on Friday, April 12 in Tokyo

02:05 on Friday, April 12 in Bangkok

03:05 on Friday, April 12 in Beijing, Hong Kong

00:35 on Friday, April 12 in Mumbai

22:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Jerusalem, Moscow

21:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Paris, Johannesburg, Cairo

20:05 on Thursday, April 11 in London, Dublin

16:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Rio de Janeiro

15:05 on Thursday, April 11 in New York

14:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Chicago

13:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Salt Lake City

12:05 on Thursday, April 11 in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco

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What Exactly Will Beresheet Be Doing On The Moon?

It will need to be quick as the duration of the mission will last for two days. Beresheet is fitted with a magnetometer to study the moon’s magnetic field, and the purpose is to collect data to aid researchers to discover why the moon’s magnetic field varies in the Sea of Serenity. Another purpose it is meant to serve is to ensure one of NASA’s retroreflectors on the lunar surface is left behind for the reflection of laser beams from Earth onto the Moon. It will also help NASA precisely calculate the real distance between Earth and the Moon, plus the retroreflectors will allow NASA to verify the successful landing of Beresheet. Ground stations in Chile, Sweden, Hawaii, Germany, and Australia will be used by Space IL to aid smooth communication with the islander.

What Is The Fuss About Beresheet?

It is going to be the first Israeli mission to the moon and will be the first to be privately funded as well. The total cost of putting it together is $100 million and it resulted from an endeavor to claim the Google Lunar XPRIZE. There were zero winners in that competition on the 31st of March last year, but SpaceIL was a finalist alongside others and continued with its mission. Beresheet will also be the smallest lunar lander on the moon, weighing 600kg, even as it carries scientific instruments plus a “time capsule” that includes a digital copy of Wikipedia, dictionary in 27 languages, Israel’s Declaration of Independence, the Bible, the Israeli flag, and Israeli literature.

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