How To Watch YouTube With Your Phone Locked

YouTube is one of the most visited and famous social media websites globally. Founded 14 years ago, the video platform has grown to be what it is today due to its amazing tools aiding everyone to express who they are to the universe.

And when I say everyone, I mean exactly that.

The essence of YouTube is basically for you to upload content that excites you and see if you can grab an audience with it. The topics you will find on the platform are several, from music, to motivational videos, to comedy clips and so on. They are many, and they keep coming.

Cut a long story short; Facebook is so jealous of its popularity, Mark and co are planning to create their own to serve as competition.

However, with all the content users have access to, it is possible that you and I will want to watch it without having to be around our phones always. Users might want to relax with content on in the background or stroll around with their phones locked in their trousers and skirts.

Sadly, YouTube shuts off immediately you lock your phone.

But not to worry, it can still be done. In this article, we’ll show you how you can break the phone lock barrier and make sure you enjoy YouTube videos when you are on your mobile device, or when you aren’t.

How To Enjoy YouTube With Phone Locked

There are ways to get this done, regardless of any thought, you have as to how and why this can happen. It might be that you want to save your battery or you just fancy listening to music or an interview as you put yourself to sleep. The reason behind it does not matter; we just want to help you get it done.

Each of these steps is reliant on your mobile operating system, but do not fret, we have instructions you can follow for both.

Play Via Mozilla Firefox On Your Android Phone

This is easy. If you are an Android owner, use YouTube within the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of via the YouTube app. Get this done and locking your phone will not stop it from playing the audio. But, playback cannot be controlled while your phone is locked. This tells you that you have to unlock it to skip through, pause or play the 3gp, Mp4, HD e.t.c, whatever the format of the video you are watching is.

Luckily, Mozilla’s Firefox application does not cost you a dime, and you can enjoy its services whenever you want. It is effective and exciting to use.

Play Via Google Chrome On Your Android Phone

The Google Chrome Browser and that of Mozilla Firefox are quite identical. Just watch the video in Chrome, if your phone gets locked, the audio will keep playing, plus you get to control the pause and play features through your lock screen because of Google’s integration, which is a brilliant, if not unplanned move.

If you plan to get this done, make sure Google Chrome is in Desktop Mode on your Android smartphone. To make this happen, launch your Google Chrome mobile browser, go to the three dots on the top right of the screen, Click that and choose “Request Desktop Site” from the items listed to you. It will tick a box, and the page gets refreshed into a bigger, desktop-themed website. Get this done if your video playback cuts out while you use Chrome Browser in its mobile form.

Although, with the browser in desktop mode, the ability to control the playback features through the lock screen is taken away from you. Don’t know why that is, but we agree with you, it is sad. But still better than you not being able to lock your screen right?

Play Via Safari Browser On iOS

Since the previous two were solely for Android users, this is for iOS owners. Just play the video in your Safari web-browser. The audio will playback through your lock screen.

iOS owners can also make use of the Mozilla Firefox browser to do the exact same thing. Control of playback is possible too.

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