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Download WhatsApp on PC

How To Download WhatsApp On PC

There are a lot of things PC users can do on their device, more things than a smartphone could possibly think of doing. But...
Check PC full Specifications

How To Check PC Full Specifications

There are numerous reasons why a person would want to Check PC Full Specifications. The person might be a gamer and would want to...

Android PC: how to install Android on your computer

Installing Android on a computer can be a tempting idea. As you know, the operating system of Google works very well on smartphones and tablets,...
Permanently Delete any file on PC

How To Permanently Delete Any File On PC

We will be showing you how to permanently delete any file on PC without the need of an external software. If your PC is...
Upload pictures to Instagram from PC

How To Upload Pictures To Instagram From PC

We all love Instagram and most of us have the app installed on our various iOS and Android devices for easy access. PC users...

Fix Screen Scaling on Dell Inspiron Laptops with 4K resolution

Ever since 4K display resolution started showing up on news laptops, its advantage has been up for debate. At the time there wasn't much benefit...
Use your laptop as mobile hotspot

How To Use Your Laptop As Mobile Hotspot

I know learning how to use your laptop as mobile hotspot sounds somewhat unnecessary, but you never know when your router, Wi-fi or Mi-Fi...

How to Edit Hosts File on Mac

"Hosts file" basically translates domain names or NetBIOS names into IP addresses. It is used for multiple purposes. These include blocking spyware and controlling...

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