Google Maps is one of the applications we do not have a choice but to use every single day.

It is not only useful for searching for directions but also very handy in several other ways. You are able to view how long it will take to get to one point from a different one and the distance involved.

You can even check live traffic around any location to have a deeper knowledge about what to expect.

But there is a new feature that is very helpful and does all it can to make your job simpler if you ever feel the need to stop at several points before you arrive at your final destination. The Google Map application has a feature for you to include several stops in between the starting point and your final stop.

This will not just save the time and effort required to manually insert/change every stop one by one as and when you arrive at that point but it also shows you an estimate of how long it will take you to arrive at the next stop.

So how exactly can you include several locations in Google Maps? Listed below are a few steps for Android and iOS owners:

  1. Launch Google Maps and search for your last stop.
  2. As soon as you find it, have it marked and click on “Directions.”
  3. In the top right, click on the three-dot “More.” and then Add Stop. You are allowed to include about 9 stops in one trip.
  4. Click Done.
  5. You can alter the position of the stop by just long-tapping “Reorder.” and dragging it upward or downward.
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Do not forget that including this feature will not work for “public transit” and “rides.” It will only function with driving and cycling modes. You are also allowed to use the feature on the web version too.

Report Traffic Slowdowns With Google Maps

In 2018, Google Maps began to test Waze-like incident reporting. The feature began with just crash and speed trap reporting. Soon after, it grew massively and now everybody can report happenings as they navigate. Google is presently including a fresh kind of incident to the reporting feature and it is none other than Traffic Slowdowns.

Google Maps currently shows the flow of traffic via road colors. Users are now aware that if the road is highlighted in an orange or red color, the traffic is moving sluggishly. That can be because of several reasons. Google Maps will instantly direct you to another route if the traffic is very intense. Although, it can be very sluggish to update at times. So how about allowing users to help you?

To report a traffic slowdown or another incident, click the Chat bubble icon while in navigation mode. You will be presented with the option of choosing Crash, Speed Trap, or Slowdown. Phones that are set to UK English


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