334 3340466 integrated sms and email campaigns for success sms
334 3340466 integrated sms and email campaigns for success sms

If you are a business owner or you work to make someone’s business grow, you do not only converse with partners via text messages or voice calls, Emails are also very vital in communication between a business organization and its customers.

At times there will be an email that have to be forwarded to one of your customers or co-worker, and you can only get it done through a text message. You can attempt to type it again or copy and paste it to a text message, but sometimes that can be impossible. Plus it can take several hours.

If you were not aware as well, there are ways you can attach an email to an SMS and forward it as text to the receiver.

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How Can I Forward An Email?

Telling you forwarding a mail as a text might seem confusing. First and foremost, ensure it is a brief email that has below 160 characters. If possible, make sure they are trimmed down before you forward them as text. You must also have knowledge of the phone provider’s email address.

This is a well explained guide on how this can be done:

  1. Open the email you wish to forward to a text.
  2. Tap “Forward” the way you do it normally for a mail. If you are new to forwarding a mail, the icon looks like an arrow pointing to the right.
  3. If you have to, trim your emails to make it briefer. Even though some carriers may accept about 200 characters, text messages are mostly restricted to 160, so ensure you do away with redundant text to make things simpler for yourself.
  4. Have the general email address of your recipient’s provider checked. It can easily be located on Google for all service providers in your region. For instance, to send an email to a T-Mobile user, send it to [phonenumber]@tmomail.net AT&T’s is phonenumber]@txt.att.net and so on.
  5. As soon as you’ve found your preferred email combination, enter it in the address field of the message.
  6. Send or Submit.
  7. The receiver will get your email in the form of text.
  8. Be aware that no email formatting, whether color, font, size, images will be visible in the text.

This method is very apt if the receiver is not available to check their mail and the issue is very important and urgent.

How Can I Send A New Email To A Text?

To add to your knowledge of forwarding existing emails to text messages, it is useful to know how you can send a new email via this method.

Things are pretty much the same here. Know the phone number and the provider’s email.

Tap “Compose new mail.” in your email application and enter your message. Also, ensure the text is about 160 characters is not more than the 200-character mark.

When you are done, enter the right phone number/email combination in the Recipient field and press Send or Submit. The individual who is the receiver will get your email as a text.

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How I Can Send An Email As A Text Message?

If you are not able to access your email app from a phone device and you have to send it to an email recipient, it can be done via a text message as well.

For this, you do not require a text to a phone number, but to your preferred email address.

For instance, rather than sending a text to a phone number like 08023224567, send it to [username]@email.com. The individual who receives your text will get it in their email inbox.

You might need to turn on Mobile data to make this happen.

How I Can Know Your Phone’s Email Address?

To be sure that you are able to receive emails through SMS, you can check your phone’s address by adhering to these instructions.

  1. Launch the messaging app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your email in the recipient field rather than a number. Type in whatsoever in the body of the message so as not to leave it empty.
  3. Send a message with Mobile Data enabled.
  4. Open your email. The same email you have sent your text to.
  5. Locate the message you have sent.
  6. The sender address associated to that email is your phone’s address.

This is important if you need to set up your email application to forward your mail from vital addresses. By so doing, you can receive a copy of your mail to your smartphone too and stay away from complications if you cannot access your email account or if your email notifications are disabled.

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