VSCO is one of the well-known apps used for photo editing. Several photographers make use of it to improve the end result of their photos. With its many amazing options, VSCO is definitely one of the most effective photo editing apps you will find around.

If you opt for the free option, there are lots of features that you can experience in a very dope editing app, features like filters, different presets, and lots of adjustment settings. If its the paid version you desire, you will get additional features that will aid you to take total control of your pictures.

However, the option to blur the background is nowhere to be found inside the application. If you like that portrait appearance, there are various apps that can make it happen. Let’s see the well-known ones.


This app allows you to create DSLR-type pictures with blurred background immediately. It provides lots of features that aid you to manipulate the focus area and give you the look you seek. By drawing a line around your focus object, you allow the app to know which part of the picture that should stand out. If you want to keep a moving object in focus, the Motion Blur option can make that happen. It is presently available for Android alone. The paid version has advertisements though.

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PicsArt Photo Studio

This is one of the most reliable photo editing apps out there. You get to experience features that let you do and undo with pictures in several types of ways, and blurring the background is not excluded. Normal blur will aid you to create blur around the object in a series of ways that no other app will be capable of achieving. A circular line will be placed around the object and then make adjustments to the blur strength around it. Focal Zoom will also let you click on the part of the picture that you plan to focus on and make adjustments to the blur size and intensity around it. Motion Blur option is also available. It is available for Android and iOS.

Blur Photo Background

iPhone users who seek apps used for blurring the background should turn to this option for effective service. It has lots of blur options. As soon as you set your focus object, you are able to select between several blur effects. Some of these effects are Mosaic, Crystalize, and Glass. Zoom and Motion Blur options are also available for you to create all types of effect with a few clicks.

Even if VSCO does not provide background blurring, there are applications that do just that. VSCO is still brilliant when it comes to editing pictures, but using it alongside other apps will let you create very beautiful pictures.

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Pick any of the apps we touched on that suits your style of photography.


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