Technology has given us several ways to express ourselves as humans.

Below are some of the angles touched: hide

The possibilities are many, with various social media platforms and the unique idea connected to all.

Having said that, as other social media platforms dazzle with their amazing ideas, Bitmoji still stands out.

First and foremost, Bitmoji lets you select between forty skin tones, fifty hair treatments, several colors, and many more to ensure you add your feelings to your digital avatar so it can resemble every signal thing about you. There are lots of styles like Bitmoji Classic and Bitmoji Deluxe, to make sure the Bitmoji you come up with is one you can admire.

What makes Bitmoji interestingly unique is how it allows you to take a selfie from within the app and then attempt to recreate you from within. Even though this is no go-to solution, you are granted a dope framework to work with. And with that, you are guaranteed the chance to create a Bitmoji that would pass as your twin.

Snapchat bought Bitmoji 3 years ago for $64 million, which ensured the app became more popular. What Snapchat actually purchased was Bitstrips, the company that developed Bitmoji. Back then, the characters were basic compared to what they are right about now. Its integration with top apps like Snapchat and iMessage has certainly changed a few things about it. Users now make use of the avatars to flaunt how they feel, what they are thinking e.t.c Two Bitmoji’s can even relate with each other, as long as the two people in the convo have one.

Having said that, with its unique customization feature, some users keep asking how they can alter their Bitmoji gender to express themselves better. The reasons for this might be because of a mistaken gender choice at creation, or the person is actually switching gender in real life and wants that change to go on within the app as well. Any which way, this article is meant to inform you about how you change your Bitmoji Gender in just a few steps.

How To Change Bitmoji Gender

If you have mistakenly chosen the wrong gender for your Bitmoji, or you just fancy the change for any reason you might be thinking about, lemme show how to solve that.

Whenever you download the Bitmoji mobile app, you will be asked to select your gender. But if you are way ahead of that step and you want to change the gender of a Bitmoji you created in the past, follow these easy steps:

Log into the app on your iPhone or Android device. Log in with your Snapchat email or ID and type in your password. After that, click on the dropdown menu on the top right of your phone screen. Enter Settings.

When you are inside Settings, locate “My Account” and tap it. Then click on “Reset Avatar.” You’ll be asked to be sure you are about to do this, choose “Yes” and you’ll be presented with a gender select screen. You will actually be creating a new one from this point. Although, the process of ensuring your avatar resembles you once more is very simple. Just go through the creation process from there and recreate the one you had previously, but with a different gender now. Or maybe you can just decide to create a fresh one, it is your decision, do as you please.


As soon as you achieve a changed Bitmoji gender, customization of every other aspect of the app as they concern your digital avatar is next. It is beautiful to see the several things you can do from here.

Your Bitmoji can be given uniquely colored and styled hats, earrings and lots of other accessories. Shirts, trousers, jackets, shoe e.t.c are also involved. Holiday-themed outfits can be worn or bought to support the developers of the app.

The good part is these customization options will not decrease anytime soon, instead, expect them to keep increasing. It’s crazy how limited the selections were when the app first started. It has Snapchat to thank for this remarkable development.

iOS is really offering steady competition right now though. Their own version of Bitmoji monitors your face and does what you do. If you smile, the digital avatar smiles too. If you blink, it blinks. Its insane technology.

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