How You Can Duet On TikTok

Do you want to increase your fans and followers on TikTok? There are several ways to go about that, however, the aptest way is to utilize a tool on TikTok named “Duet.”

A duet lets you TikTok side-by-side with other people’s videos.

This can be amazing for anyone who wants to boost his or her TikTok followers, since you can be lucky enough to duet a video chat that can become an internet hit, ensuring your personal content is viewed by a large number of people.

How does a user duet with someone’s video? Good question. This is something that might not be completely understandable, but it can be done easily. Follow the steps below.

What is a Duet?

If you are unsure what a duet is on TikTok, just see it as a parody of an original video on TikTok. For instance, you find out about a particular video that you feel you can make even better by adding something hilarious or by working on it to make the project broader, a duet does that for you.

The Duet option places the original video on one side of the screen and your own version with your own addition on the other side.

What To Know Beforehand

There are some things to be aware of before you duet any video. One of it is that this duet option will not always be accessible by you. The reason for it is that some TikTok users might intentionally turn it off for their own videos, so no one will be able to duet their video. They might view that as content stealing, or they don’t just fancy a random person having the opportunity to do and undo with their brand. The reasons for the decision vary.

Also, do not duet just any video. If you find a very popular video to work with, the right thing to do is not your own duet spin-off if the user isn’t close to you in followers or view count. Spammers are avoided this way and the TikTok community is safe.

Having said that, when the duet tool is accessible by you, ensure you duet with people that have the same followers or view count as you.

When your fans and followers begin to increase, you can move on to dueting with bigger accounts till you becoming an internet sensation with the popular videos also.

How To Duet

When the feature is accessible, it is simple to duet with someone on TikTok. Just ensure your TikTok app is the most recent version and launch it.

Now search and locate the video you want to duet.

As soon as you find the aptest video, click on the share button.

If dueting on TikTok has been activated, the Duet button will be present at the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on it. You’ll notice a loading screen, just wait a bit as TikTok prepares things.

Lastly, the Duet screen appears. The big red button is for you to record your duet. There are also lots of tools to edit your duet. You get to experience various video effects, filters e.t.c as well.

When you are done, there is a check mark that displays itself on the right, use it to move into an extensive editing world that contains additional filters, stickers e.t.c

As you finish, click on Next, describe the video and give it a title, then click post. And there you go. You just duet on TikTok.

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