Have you ever acted out an incoming call? I definitely have.

Twice actually. One to move away from a boring conversation and another to escape from an awkward argument with my girlfriend. Apparently, I am not alone in it as most people indulge in this as well. So let’s discuss how a phone user can fake an incoming call on an Android device.

Whether it was done to run away from boringness or to just show off with a conversation that bigs you up, several phone users only see the fake an incoming feature as one to be used to their advantage.

Fake An Incoming Call On Android

A phone call is the aptest, not-rude way to free yourself from something you are not really feeling or do not want to engage in. This is how it can be done:

The clear thing to do if you already know you are set to make a quick exit from an environment you want to dash out from is to holla at someone you trust to assist you. Asking a friend to give you a call at a time you give to them or when you send them an SMS, is a straightforward way to plan a fake incoming call.

That involves another person though and does not always work. But as long as the person is trustworthy, all should be well.

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If you will not risk any mistake though, there are lots of apps that can make a fake incoming call happen.

Fake Call

This is an Android app that will do the precise thing its name says. It lets you set up fake calls with caller ID, fake phone nos and pictures. Your call is immediate when you press a button or work with a time or timer for the call to happen. The app even gives you the freedom to record a fake message it plays to serve as the caller in case you are sitting close to someone that should hear your caller talk via the phone.

You do not pay a dime for this app but it has advertisements. An ad will play just after the phonecall which is wrong IMO. As soon as you end the call you can immediately hide your screen.

Fake Call And SMS

Identical to Fake Call because you can also set up a call to your phone via a timer or press a button for immediate call. It lets you fake several calls within a stipulated period if you are pretending to be very busy. It is great for scene setting, like something going down and several persons require your input. If you are surrounded by sceptical persons, this can be of help.

It functions well and lets you configure your callers, images, numbers e.t.c It supports advertisement and offers in-app purchases as wel.

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Fake Me A Call

This is another way to set up a fake call on an Android phone. It costs nothing and functions smoothly. You are able to set up your fake callers in advance, give them a number, name and avatar and schedule or request a call as you need one. The app is also cool, it hides in the background on your mobile device and referring to itself as FMC. This is key if your friends that you are trying to fool have access to your phone.

It generates its very own call User Interface which lets you slide to answer and fully fake a call. This boost the authenticity.

Fake Phone Call

My final option. It is a brilliant app to help with a fake incoming call. The user interface is pretty simple to operate and the features included are identical to those already mentioned in other apps. You are able to set up incoming callers with names, pictures, and numbers. You can also set a schedule or timer delay to hold on for the call to come in. A voice can be recorded to make things more believable.

The application has its very own caller UI. It supports ads and an advertisement shows up after a call, just ensure that the phone is not shown as it appears.


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