How You Can Import Google Music Playlist Into Spotify?


Even if users no longer fancy switching between music streaming providers like they did in the past, we still expect switching to occur once in a while. When it does happen, the possibility of losing your important playlist can be scary.

Playlists are apart of our lives as they contain the amazing songs that make our world go round. Some individuals just prefer to list all their favorite tunes in a row, but others fancy using workout playlists, party compilations, mood playlists e.t.c.

How do you end this problem? 3rd-party apps can be the answer. Streaming services still need their customers, so they will not make a feature available that will aid you to export your playlists to a rival streaming service.

The Top Competitors

iTunes and Spotify are the two well-known music streaming services. But even if iTunes is directed at Apple users, Spotify caters for all users.

How about Google? It is no longer a top contender.

With the rising fame of Spotify, its superior interface, navigation features, and playback, Google Play Music had to take a back seat.

Several users moved from the old streaming service and joined the Spotify bandwagon. This created a mega issue, at least for long-time users. How did they scale through importing playlists?

The answer to that lies in the usage of applications like the one discussed in this tutorial.


The importation of your Google Music playlists into Spotify does not have to be a tedious transition. And you do not have to spend above your budget as well.

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An application like Stamp will let you send playlists one by one, without asking you to pay for anything. Plus it has a very simple UI.

  1. Get the app downloaded from here.
  2. Install Stamp.
  3. Choose “Google Play Music.”
  4. Log in.
  5. Then select Spotify and the destination.

Stamp will allow you transfer 10 tracks per session or one entire playlist per session, but this is if you are making use of the free version. As a Premium member, the transfers you can carry out will be unrestricted.

Also note that you will be able to seamlessly export your library in a .csv file. This will aid you to include your playlists to other incompatible music streaming services when you feel the time is right.

For instance, a .csv file that was made in Stamp can be imported into iTunes and then begin to build your playlist from the scratch. Be aware that some jams might be nowhere to be found as the playlist is not flawless yet.


This can be used online. Installation into your PC or mobile phone is not necessary. The service will let you make use of “platform to platform” feature that moves or imports playlists from Google Music to Spotify.

You will pay for the service you will be getting though, as nothing is done here for free. But the subscription plans begins at only $3 monthly i.e 1,081.50 naira and can be scrapped anytime. This tells you that 1 or 2 playlist transfers will not hurt your pocket.

To use Soundiiz, you need to sign up for an account on their website. After ensuring your email address is confirmed, choose the “Platform to platform” feature. You will see this feature in the top-right corner of the interface.

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Select Google Music and log yourself in with your Google credentials. Choose your playlists and then choose Spotify as the destination.

An App For Other Streaming Services: Soundshift

As an Apple user, SoundShift is always a suitable option. This app can be accessed on its official website and via the App Store.

SoundShift has a very intuitive UI, and it is very compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Napster, Pandora e.t.c. But, because of the several DRM protections and several incompatibilities existing between Apple Music and Google Music, SoundShift was never created to function with Google.

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