There are several versions of the Bible that can be seen online in text and audio format, to ensure you do not only make use of the physical Holy Book all the time but also listen to the word of God online. Although, there will surely be periods when you will fancy hearing the verses of the Bible even while you are offline and do not have a WiFi or Internet connection. Luckily for you, here are various ways to do exactly that.

In this tutorial, i will highlight a few ways to achieve offline access to an audio Bible.

The simplest way to enjoy an audio Bible is to download and install one in advance and listen to it via your phone’s media player.

With several versions of the Bible available as downloads that do not cost you a dime, you are totally free to do and undo with the Holy book. Here are some methods to consider.

Listen To Audio Bible Online

Listed below are some websites that provide that uploads free downloads of the bible. Have them downloaded directly on to your smartphone or PC.

1. BIBLE.IS is a tech site that provides access to faith text for download or via the app. For this article, we will concentrate on the several bibles and listening to them offline, and this app does the job as well.

On the downloads page, choose language, the bible version, let go of some social media data or an email address and then download. The files come in MP3 and so can be heard on Android and iOS devices. Simply load it onto your smartphone and either double click till the audio player picks it up or just point your audio player to it and play.

2. offers you a long range of chapters and verses of the King James Bible. The main download page provides the full audio book in four different titles. The steps to take are quite identical to the one above except you plan to download to your computer and transfer to your smartphone. Just download the zipped files you need to your PC. Extract the file via your preferred tool and copy the extracted MP3 files to your mobile device.

3. The International Bible Society

The International Bible Society provides New Testament bibles for download. It provides the full Bible in one download or some parts of the Holy book, with each having a download option.

4. Academy Of Ancient Languages

The Academy of Ancient Languages offers you a free MP3 copy of the Hebrew and Greek Audio Bibles for scholars or whoever fancies learning a thing or two about old languages.

5. Bible

This app is for both Android and iOS devices. It functions best with a network connection that also aid you to downloads lots of versions of the Holy book as an audio book. With more than 1,400 versions, Bible has to be one of the best platform for all things faith. Even if it isn’t strictly offline, It definitely provides downloads of the Bible.

How You Can Extract A Bible Audio Book And Copy It To Your Smartphone

Several Bible audio books download as zip files. These types of files are compressed that are meant to save storage space on the web server and download quicker than the original MP3. The zip file cannot be played immediately, it has to be extracted before anything else before playing it.

  1. Download the zip file to your PC.
  2. If you use Windows, highlight that file and right click it. Choose “Extract here.” if the option becomes visible on the screen or Open With and Choose Winzip or WinRAR. Get 7zip downloaded if you do not possess either of those installed since it costs you nothing.
  3. If you are a Mac user, simply double click the zip file so it can be automatically extracted. The file will be kept safely in the same location as the zip file.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your PC via a USB cable.
  5. Hold on for your computer to recognize your phone.
  6. Open your device on the computer and head to the Music folder.
  7. Open one more window and locate the MP3 file you just extracted.
  8. Drag the MP3 file from one window into the other. The PC will handle the rest.

As soon as you’ve loaded onto your smartphone, you only have to find the file on the phone and either choose to play or simply launch your media player and point it to the MP3.

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