You might be thinking to yourself, why you would need to pair an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone even if it can be done? If you parted with big money to purchase an Apple Watch instead of alternative smartwatches. It might be because you already own other Apple devices. It is very much possible to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone but it can be a bit difficult.

Apple says that you can only use an Apple Watch with some models of iPhone. But we say you can pair an Apple Watch with an Android device even if you will not get the complete functionality. It will only use the LTE connection and your watch’s battery life will be affected.

If you still fancy going ahead with it, this guideline should aid you. There is a catch you must remember though, you require the LTE version of the Apple Watch and it functions effectively with network-unlocked phones.

Pairing An Apple Watch With An Android Device

Basically what needs to be done here is pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone, ensure all is set up, turn the iPhone into airplane mode, take out the SIM, place the SIM into an Android device and then locate an effective LTE signal. While there are no guarantees, it has worked for some users.

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You might need unlocked phones since you are swapping SIM cards. If you do not possess two SIM cards for one carrier, it will only function on unlocked phones.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Set your Apple Watch up with the iPhone.
  2. Make a quick test call to ascertain if everything is okay.
  3. Put the iPhone into airplane mode to prevent it from reaching out. Or power the phone off.
  4. Turn off the Apple Watch.
  5. Swap the SIM from the iPhone and insert in your Android device, then boot.
  6. Turn on the Apple Watch.
  7. Hold on for the disconnected notification to vanish from the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch might take some time to connect and the signal might not be strong enough but locating a stronger signal should aid a more rapid connection and a better call quality.

Hindrances In Pairing An Apple Watch With An Android Phone

When connected, you will be able to make and answer calls and even use Siri for simple functions. Both devices are not exactly communicating, instead, they are using the network to communicate which explains why only the simple functions are a possibility with this step.

Making use of any more advanced functions of the Apple Watch will not work. The SmartWatch app will not be accessible on your Android phone and will only be able to make and answer calls plus also ask Siri some simple questions. Voice commands can be utilized to make phone calls, just ensure you make use of the name the numbers are saved as on your SIM and not your Android device.

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Another hindrance will be battery life. The Apple Watch’s battery is not great to start with, but by making use of LTE continuously, the battery is going to be worse.

The only time you will ever fancy using this hack is if something happened on your iPhone and you really do not want to keep using your Apple Watch. If nothing like that is the case, then there is no point.


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