Situations where you will need to record with your mobile screen turned off can arise. It could be that you plan to record without being too open about it to preserve battery and not because you do not want the person or group you are recording to have a clue. Any which way, this article highlights how you can record with the screen turned off in Android.

A valid reason I am aware of is a mountain biking friend I have who fancies making use of his mobile device to record rides as opposed to an action camera. It is placed on his stem in a horizontal manner and he really is not hyped up about viewing his home screen as he battles the trails. By recording with the screen turned off, he gets rid of distractions and also boosts recording time before he takes time out to recharge.

There are two ways to get this done. On is by turning your phone black and the other is via an application. Lemme break it down:

Record With Screen Off In Android Devices

A good way of making it appear like the screen is off is to reduce the screen brightness to as low as zero. But not all mobile devices will let you do that, some should. Samsung permits you until you reach the 15% brightness mark but even that leaves you with a very dark screen you will find difficult to work with.

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This can work properly for my biker pal though as it offers less distraction and extended battery life.

An app is also a brilliant option. Here are some of them that can help you achieve the topic:

Background Video Recorder

It is designed to record in the background instead of hiding the fact that you are recording. It is a one-touch recorder that aids your recording of up to 4GB as standard and longer with some editing. This application is also useful for turning your home screen black, enabling your screen lock in a manual manner and proceeding with recording while ignoring anything else your phone is doing.

It is also blessed with a brilliant night mode and is able to shutter sounds for your camera. Background Video Recorder also comes with some simple editing functions as well.

You pay nothing for this app but there are in-app purchases.

Secret Video Recorder (SVR)

Another app that is very useful for making no one know you are recording. It also engages in switching the recording on or off to the volume button so it can be triggered when the screen lock is active. It displays notification while you record but if it comes alive while your phone is locked, it will not be visible.

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The app is also handy for recording phone calls and can surpass the 4GB limit in Android devices with a little editing. It kills shutter noises and allows you to take lots of videos without making others aware or making yourself a distraction. You pay nothing here too but there are in-app purchases.

Hidden Video Recorder

Another option that does the job. It records in HD, kills shutter noises and does background recording. It maneuvers its way around the 4GB restriction and records without limits until your storage can no longer take it. That’s what the developers say anyway. Its design is basic, the operation is seamless and it is easy to set up. You don’t pay a dime but it allows advertisements.

Classified Recording

There are several valid reasons why you might fancy hiding the fact that you are recording, it is allowed. There are also invalid ones. It depends on which side of the divide you are standing on. Any which way, pls note that recording an individual without his or her permission is punishable by law so try as much as possible to not engage in that.

Make use of the applications as you deem fit but be legal with your doings.

Be safe guys.


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