How You Can Record Videos In Slow Motion On Samsung Galaxy J5


The Samsung Galaxy J5 has an amazing camera that lets users record videos in slow motion.

This Slow Motion feature on the mobile phone makes it possible to record quick movements and reproduce them slowly in your clip. This is possible by the fast uptake of various video pictures, because of the processing power of the Samsung smartphone. You could be using it for artistic reasons, work purposes or simply for fun, it is an amazing feature you should learn how to use as a Samsung Galaxy J5 user.

For whoever plans to know how recording video clips on the Samsung Galaxy J5 is done, adhere to the guidelines below.

How You Can Record Videos In Slow Motion

  1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy J5.
  2. Head to the Camera app.
  3. With the live camera in view, choose the Mode button.
  4. A list of several camera options will be displayed to you: choose Slow-motion Mode.
  5. Now any video you capture on your device automatically records in slow motion. Using Settings, you can determine how slow you want the slow motion to be.

x1/2 is for half speed.
x1/4 is for quarter speed.
x1/8 is for glacial eighth speed.

The best option here might be to set your Samsung Galaxy J5 to x1/8, with it you get the most effective slow motion effect.

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