Is it difficult to engage your team in Slack?

Polls are a massive option to know what they think on former and future projects. If you are working on a meeting and you need them involved, doing this via a poll is a brilliant way to make that happen.

Although, Slack has no built-in polling feature. This tells you that a third-party application is needed to do just that. For how you can locate these apps and the simplest ones to rely on, plus ways to be spontaneous in Slack and take charge of an informal poll by making use of other built-in features, see below:

Using Emoji Reaction

If you plan on keeping things uncomplicated when you poll co-employees or teammates, emojis reaction can come to rescue and ensure you take a decision.

Give each voting option an emoji, and then just allow people vote by sharing their reaction with the corresponding emoji. “@channel” can be used to notify those on the channel about the poll.

This is almost as good as a built-in polling feature on Slack.

Polling Apps

If you need higher response or you just want your poll to look standard, the Slack App Directory is where you need to be.

Simple Poll

This application lets you begin a poll on the preferred channel by just typing in the question and the reply options. Any team member can get this done.

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Use “/poll” to begin your message. Include the question in quotation marks. When you are done with the question, make use of quotation marks once more for every answer separately. If you fancy your co-employees
having some privacy and a massive incentive to cast a sincere vote, you can include “anonymous” after the final option to keep the names connected with votes, hidden.

This is an instance of inviting an anonymous poll on Slack via Simple Poll: /poll “Do polls help boost your productivity?” “Yes” “No” “At times” anonymous

Even if the app can be a bit too basic, it is customizable enough for you to achieve your desired result.

For example, you are able to restrict the number of options every individual can select. Include the word “limit” plus a particular number to make this happen. Use it at the end of the poll line, after the reply options.

Pls note that Simple Poll has a basic and a business version. The basic version lets you create simple and anonymous polls, includes 10 options for every poll, but restricts you to 100 votes monthly.

The business plan gets rid of the restriction on votes per month and also let you include up to 100 options for every poll. This is also how the number of options selected by a user can be restricted. It depends on how huge your company is or how active things are in the workspace. To be frank, the Simple Poll kinda dulls you a bit.

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This a well known polling and survey application on Slack. It can be used to set up multi-vote polls, anonymous polls, scheduled polls, or surveys that are events-related. It is simple-to-use and can be utilized in little and big workspaces.

Survey Monkey

Another amazing app is this one. With it, you are allowed to post one-question polls and begin surveys according to few given templates. You get notified by Slack anytime anyone drops a reply on the survey. Sadly, the templates needs to be upgraded to the premium versions to enjoy it fully.

How You Can Add Polling Apps

Several polling applications and survey applications can be seen on the Slack App Directory. All of these apps have their personal websites. Any application that is compatible with Slack will definitely include an Add to Slack button you can use on its website.


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