Having your files and applications backed up is so vital for smartphone users. If you do not remember to back up your key files and the phone breaks or gets misplaced, every data you have is history.

It is same as when you switch over to a new phone. Some information will be saved automatically on your behalf.

What Google Backs Up

Before you begin, you need to be aware of the files Google backs up automatically and how it is done. To make this happen, ensure you log into your Google account. To have it checked, head to Settings > Google and ensure your account is logged on.

Google instantly backs up all the vital information such as calendar, contacts, logs, and text messages to the cloud. Therefore, if you misplace your phone or if the system malfunctions, reloading this data into a different device or restarting the system can be the ideal solution.

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Begin Android Backup Service

Android possesses a backup service built into every phone. At times you will need to activate them personally.

The path to the Backup option can differ, this will be according to your mobile phone.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ or Home screen.
  2. Locate ‘System’. On some phones, you will need to locate the ‘Cloud and Accounts’ menu. It will be according to the Android version.
  3. Enter the menu (System or Cloud and Accounts).
  4. Locate ‘Backup’.
  5. Confirm if ‘Back up to Google Drive’ is activated.

Please know that at times, “Back up to Google Drive” can be found in the “Google Account” menu.

With it activated, Android can now store every data to Google Drive. Therefore, as soon as you switch to the brand new mobile device or restart your more ancient one, the files get saved. Simply type in your Google account info and you can bring back the files.

If you intend to backup Photos, the smoothest means is by activating backing up on Google Photos. This application normally comes on all new Android devices. By so doing, you will be able to back up and transfer your visual memories from one phone to another without risking anything for life.

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Bringing Back Apps To A Brand New Device

With the more recent Android versions, bringing back applications is now easy. As you configure your device for the first time after installation, restoring app data will be possible too.

If you are a Pixel or Now apps user, your wallpaper, widgets, icons, and folders can be fully restored.

As soon as you begin to configure your new device, adhere to the instructions below:

  1. When the Welcome screen becomes visible, press Let’s Go’.
  2. Tap Copy your data.
  3. You will need the internet to begin, a wireless network will be handy here.
  4. In the next menu, you will be presented with 2 options, if you have an ancient smartphone that is the secure, sound, and closeby, use the option “A Backup From an Android phone” while if you have all you need backed up on the cloud, you can use “A backup from the cloud.”
  5. Signing in to your Google account. Ensure it is the same amount you used to back up your files.
  6. Available data will be listed to you. Just determine the data you intend to restore.
  7. To restore every available data, tap “Restore.”
  8. Tap “Apps” to decide on the app you want to install on the new Android device.

Every app you back up will use up almost 25MB of space on your Google Drive. Do not get this mixed up to think i am referring to app data because app data and the app itself are two different things. You normally do not require over 25MB from each of the backed up apps. The phone will download the apps from the Google Play Store and then bring back the data from your cloud.

The Video games downloaded by you from the PlayStore will also be in sync with your Google account. Every in-game progress of yours will stay current as soon as you restore your Google account.

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