HTC U12 Plus
HTC U12 Plus

HTC is not going through its best days, its mobile phones do not manage to materialize in the market, and this irremediably affects its income.

HTC can not lift its head with its sales

HTC U12 Plus

HTC posted another disappointing monthly result. In June it obtained an unconsolidated income of NT $ 2.23 million (€ 62 million), which represents a 67% drop compared to June 2017, when it posted an income of NT $ 6.89 (192 million of €).

Compared to the May figures, which were also lower than last year, in June HTC still managed to generate 9% less than in that month.

The results of the second quarter of 2018 show that HTC obtained an unconsolidated income of 6,774 million Tunisian dollars (187 million euros), 58% less than in the same period of 2017: 16,136 million Tunisian dollars (450 million euros ).

The situation seems worrying for the health of this well-known company, and as a result of these results, HTC is expected to release fewer mobile phone models in 2018 to avoid risking losses. The once popular manufacturer sold its Pixel division to Google and will lay off 22% of its workforce in an attempt to cut spending that is currently being generated.

At present, the company has U12 + phones on the market as flagship, which come with up to 64GB of storage space, a device that seems to be not working as expected.

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