HTC U12 Plus
HTC U12 Plus

HTC used to be big in the smartphone market but it is no longer that big. Now, as 2019 arrives, HTC is making plans for a comeback. It will involve making 2019 as successful as can be.

One thing that the company will accomplish in 2019 is make sure that it improves upon the U12+ formula and likely playing it safe as with mid-range devices. The company is still happy that the 128GB variant of the already released U12 Life as it was a big hit when you talk about sales.

HTC will face a new path next year now that it has something to do for Blockchain devices. Already, HTC Exodus 1 is said to have been sold out. That’s good news for the company and makes it look ahead with confidence. 2018 has been a bad year and the company with lowest revenue wants to see how 2019 will be a better year.

Although the company is having a positive hope for the future, the company’s move to break into a success story has met with various comments coming from the outside. The truth is, no one really knows how well the company has done in 2018. However, the news that the phone sold out earlier in the month of December means that the company may succeed in climbing back to the level it once was.

Even as tough as things are the VR division is said to be doing well right now. The good news is coming from the sale of HTC Vive Pro and the other HTC Vive Focus. VR handsets are now pushed for gaming. However, the company also plans to put more efforts into Vivport VR app store, which is meant to see a platform that is similar to Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The future of the Taiwanese tech giant does not look bleak despite having a hard time. To do right, the company must be very well aware that higher prices will turn buyers away and the firm thinks that the best way to counter that is to focus more on cheaper mid-range phones.

Of course, it is better for HTC to recognize past mistakes and take steps to make better their future plans.

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