Some time ago it was commented that Huawei was working on its own [amazon_textlink asin=’B076Q3GBJK’ text=’smart speaker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’techlector-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a766469e-aec8-11e8-aee5-654940e5b710′]. Finally, on the occasion of the IFA 2018, this new product from the Chinese manufacturer has been known. It is the Huawei AI Cube, which acts as a speaker and serves as a router. A very versatile product, and despite its name, it does not have a cube shape.

Huawei AI Cube: A smart speaker and router at the same time

It is not the only surprise that leaves us since this device comes with Alexa as an assistant. Surprising, because the most logical thing would have been for Google Assistant. But the brand takes a different direction.

Huawei AI Cube

Thanks to this Huawei AI Cube, users will be able to do the same tasks that can be carried out with other intelligent assistants. We can search for things, set alarms, play music, listen or read the news, know the time… Nothing new under the sun in this sense. In addition, the device acts as a router, to improve the Internet connection in your home.

In terms of design, the Huawei AI Cube has no cube shape, a badly chosen name for both. It is quite similar to the other attendees we have seen in the market, both the shape and the color chosen by the company. Undoubtedly, the main surprise is the presence of Alexa.

Its launch in Europe is scheduled for later this year. He will arrive in time for Christmas. We do not have data on its price, for now, we will have to wait until its specific launch date is announced.

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