Huawei: alternative to GApps by the end of the year. Step towards independence from Google

Huawei takes another step towards independence from Google services and related GApps. To speak is Charles Peng, CEO of Huawei and Honor India, who on the pages of the Indian Economic Times reveals that the first alternative HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) services will be ready globally by the end of December. Doing some math within a week.

The ban forced the Chinese company to quickly find a viable alternative to the services provided by the American Google, and this would represent a point of approach towards the finalization of Harmony OS, the operating system – the ecosystem, it would be better to define it – launched in August which will establish total independence from the Mountain View group. By the end of the year, Peng says, the main applications will be ready: messaging, browsing, gaming and digital payments. He revealed it for the Indian market, but it is plausible that this could be extended globally, especially according to the following:

Huawei ‘s headquarters is in contact with developers in China, and the developer base in India will assist us in India as well as in regions such as Europe. In each country, we will focus on bringing the top 100-150 apps to consumers through HMS [Charles Peng].

Huawei Mate 30 Pro
Mate 30 Pro does not have GApps

Gizmochina then reports that HMS and HMS Core would have just been released in beta in China: the source is not mentioned, but it seems that both are now available, albeit with different – and foreseeable – bugs present. These give access to services such as message notifications and digital payment systems for the first time, and HMS Games, Fido & Safety, Purchase, Identity, Scan, Nearby services are included within HMS Core (test version)., ML and other applications.

The launch of Huawei services represents a fundamental milestone for the survival of the company in the sector (even if it is always a partial milestone): this does not mean that Harmony OS is released quickly on smartphones, given that the management itself has also recently confirmed that it will still take some time before the ecosystem is ready for mobile devices. To “buffer” the shortcomings of Google services, Huawei will do everything to provide users with valid alternatives. Meanwhile, the incentive policy continues to convince developers to work to make the proprietary store ever richer: 1.5 billion dollars have been allocated for the next 5 years dedicated to creating new applications.

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