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After reports that Apple has run out of options for the 5G after losing confidence in Intel, here is an unlikely potential savior: Huawei.

It is no secret that Huawei is at the forefront in the adoption and promotion of 5G, but the company had previously said that its 5G Balong 5000 chip, debuted in Mate X with folding screen, would be used exclusively in its own smartphones. However, the opportunity to rely on Apple as a customer (and “ally”) seems to have been attractive enough to reconsider this position.

The Huawei says it is willing to provide 5G chips to Apple, although this time missing check will be a real intention or just a media ploy. It is that relations between the US and Huawei are rather bad, and it is likely that the current ban on the use of Huawei material could also apply to chips inside iPhones and iPads.

On the other hand, if Apple used Huawei chips, it would serve as a “trust statement” that there is actually nothing to fear in the use of Huawei communication chips (as has been done in Europe), contrary to the official position of the USA.

Personally, it seems to me unlikely that Apple wants to get caught up in this mess between US and Huawei, and I also do not think it’s in a hurry to add 5G to their smartphones. However, if this year is not yet going to be a critical factor, next year it will be harder to explain to potential customers why iPhones stay on 4G when all competing top-end users have switched to 5G – especially taking into account the prices charged.

Be that as it may, it was a Huawei masterpiece, which wins in either case: whether Apple accepts and becomes its customer on these chips (and gaining the signal of confidence); whether or not Apple accepted (and be in the position of “we tried to help, but they did not want to”).

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