Huawei begins testing Android 9 Pie on Mate 10 Pro, P20, Honor 10 and V10


Android 9 Pie is now official for a few days and has already started the race to updates between the major manufacturers to bring the latest release of Android on their products. It seems that this time Huawei wants to reserve a front row seat, at least according to the words of the president of the mobile section of the Chinese company, He Gang.

In a shared post on Weibo, Gang announces that Huawei has sent the first test builds in its internal beta tester circuit as early as August 6 - a day in advance of the official publication of Pie - involving some of its main tops of range.

Among the affected devices we find Mate 10 ProP20 and the two Honor 10 and V10, which have already received an update dedicated to a very small number of beta testers who have begun to provide initial feedback to the development team. Over the next few weeks, Huawei will expand the number of participants and is likely to set up a recruitment campaign in Western markets as well.

We will have to wait a few more months before witnessing the distribution of the first stable versions, which will necessarily have to pass several test phases.

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