Huawei Gaming phone
Huawei Gaming phone

The mobile gaming arenas are becoming more popular these days. There are a number of device manufacturers who have come up with smartphones focusing on gaming, including Asus, Xiaomi, Razer, and Honor.

Today, at a special media event along with Huawei, Jim Xu (Huawei’s Marketing and Sales President) has confirmed that Huawei is also developing a smartphone focusing on games.

The smartphone focuses on Huawei’s expected output this year and is said to include a slightly larger screen. More info about it is still unknown at this time. But perhaps we can see it focusing on a number of multimedia features, including high-capacity batteries and good speakers.

Aside from the phone’s focus, Huawei also said that they offer Turbo GPU features that bring a more seamless and powerful gaming experience. It will come through software updates for a number of existing devices in the months to come.

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