Huawei laptop
Huawei laptop

A few hours ago, there were reports that surfaced claiming that Huawei will suspend deliveries and development of new notebooks. However, the company has debunked the rumors and has even promised to unveil a new Huawei PC next month.

A statement by an unnamed employee of the Chinese company reads: “Our new PC products are already in development”. What this means is that Huawei’s investment and development in the PC field are far from over. He also made emphasis on Huawei having made long-term planning and pre-research since it got into the notebook business. He also said that Huawei has a layout on multiple development paths.

The source also went on to reveal that Huawei has a brand new PC which it plans to unveil next month. He also added that the model and configuration will change greatly. The PC may even be a new series. Who knows?

There have been several rumors coming in claiming that Huawei has shut down one business line or the other. This has been so since the United States government added the company to its entity list. Huawei still remains optimistic that despite the ban, it will survive the phase. Although the company admitted that the ban will slow down its business. Huawei will face a huge challenge in developing a PC without any support from key American companies. Nevertheless, the company believes that it is possible and all we can do now is wait and see how it intends to operate without some major American companies.

So do you think Huawei can fully design and launch a PC without supports from American companies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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