Huawei exceeds Apple in the Smartphone sale
Huawei exceeds Apple in the Smartphone sale

Yes, Huawei exceeds Apple in the Smartphone sale

It took several years, but Huawei‘s policy is reaping the benefits. In fact, according to the latest surveys of August 2018, Huawei has sold more smartphones than Apple and is right behind Samsung that still remains at a safe distance.

In the second quarter of 2018, Huawei shipped as many as 54.2 million smartphones, compared to 41.3 million Apple, so a pass to the second position and that allows the Chinese brand to start the run-up in the first place, threatened by Samsung that however, it remains at a distance with 71.5 million devices shipped.

It should be noted that the Huawei P20, in all three versions, P20 Lite, P20 and P20 Pro, have sold about 7 million pieces and how the world market of Huawei is doing without the American market where it has only been present for a very short time.

In short, the only Huawei ride but also a super Xiaomi that is in fourth place with 31.9 million devices shipped and that is less than 10 million devices and it is not excluded that within the year can unseat Apple from the bottom step of podium.

Behind only Chinese brands that sell well in China, but perhaps with time will be able to tell their own in the rest of the world, as Oppo and Vivo who are trying to get to Europe with beautiful and powerful devices.

Here are the detailed statistics.

Millions of smartphones Sold by Producers

Q2 ’17

Q2 ’18


Market share Manufacturers (%)

Q2 ’17

Q2 ’18


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