Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced a new cloud service platform to simulate a quantum computer called HiQ. The service, in addition to including a quantum computing simulator, also includes a quantum programming framework to develop software for the simulator. The HiQ platform will be open to the public to allow quantum research and education in the field.

Huawei HiQ will be available for researchers and academics

Huawei said when describing the qualities of his new creation, which can simulate circuits with 42 qubits for full amplitude simulations, and 81 qubits for simple amplitudes, with low amplitude simple amplitude circuits that can reach a whopping 169 qubits. Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that is different from classical computing. It is also a central technology oriented towards the future for cloud computing.

Quantum algorithms provide a new perspective on AI algorithms, inspiring better classical AI algorithms and offering a more powerful computing capability. Huawei has taken a critical step towards quantum computing research and innovation by launching the HiQ cloud services platform and will continue to invest in quantum computing in the future.

Huawei will carry out with HiQ its initial foray into research and innovation within the field of quantum computing. It has been described as a win-win cooperation between academia and industry. It will definitely be interesting to see how academics use the capabilities of HiQ and other similar tools in the future, as the world moves further toward quantum computing.

There is no doubt that quantum computing is the future, uncertainty is in the time that will pass until it is standardized.


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