Huawei humbles Apple in first-quarter sales, claims industry report

When it comes to shipments of smartphones globally, Samsung is King and they have been for quite some time now. However, right behind them is fierce competition between Huawei and Apple for the second spot.

For some time, last year, the second position in global smartphone shipments was taken by Huawei as they displaced Apple. Apple took back the position after a while. However, with the way Huawei’s business is growing, it’s becoming likely that the company will take the position again from Apple.

Moreover, Huawei has way more sales than that of the Apple iPhones. A report from industry research firm OTR Global says that Apple iPhone sales made up just 70 percent of all Huawei handset sales in the first quarter.

According to the report, Apple shipped around 37 million and 42 million iPhones which is less than Wall Street predicted (between 40 and 50 million), a recent investor note shows. The financial report of Huawei for that same period, on the other hand, claims that Huawei shipped more than 59 million smartphones, more than the company has in first-quarter sales count.

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Apple has these numbers largely because of the declining demand for the iPhone upgrades. Besides, sales of the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max — the third current-generation phones aren’t as much as Apple had expected. In fact, older models of the iPhone like the iPhone 8 had better sales figures than the newer models.

A research conducted by research firm Canalys indicates Apple’s worldwide sales fell 7.3 percent from last year’s third to the fourth quarter. Later this month, we expect Apple to release it’s first-quarter financial with forecasts of a revenue tally between $55 billion and $59 billion for the period, also up to 35 percent drop from the $84.3 billion which it had in the final fourth of last year.

Apple reduced the prices of the new iPhones in a bid to attract more buyers. However, we are yet to see any positive results from this.

Source: Gizmochina


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