Huawei is found guilty for infringing 4G LTE patents
Huawei is found guilty for infringing 4G LTE patents

Recently, Huawei was forced to leave the US market – at least partially – and suffered heavy losses, but the problems do not seem to stop. The jury of the Texas District Court, United States, has found the Chinese company guilty of multiple patent infringements.

Huawei should pay about 10.5 million dollars for infringing 5 patents

Reportedly, as early as 2014, the US company PanOptis tried to contact Huawei and schedule meetings to discuss the violations and even offered reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions to grant licenses on the patents so that Huawei can continue using those technologies. After three consecutive years and numerous letters, the Chinese technological giant refused to respond, so in October 2017 PanOptis had to file a complaint with the authorities.

Supposedly, Huawei had infringed multiple patents (five in total) with respect to 4G LTE connectivity on different mobile devices. We are talking about LTE technologies needed to decode image and sound data. Interestingly, the complaint only mentions three devices: Nexus 6P, Mate 9 and P8 Lite.

Of course, the Chinese company will appeal the case, but if found guilty the firm would have to pay a fine of 10.5 million dollars for those patents. It may not sound much, but it could still make Huawei bleed in a market that is already lost to them.

Recently we have also learned that Japan is going to prohibit the participation of Hawuei in the development of 5G networks in that country, another problem for the Chinese smartphones giant.

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