Huawei Has Finally Announced Its Harmony OS An Open Source Operating System
Huawei Has Finally Announced Its Harmony OS An Open Source Operating System

The recent trade war between China and the USA resulted in stopping Huawei from doing its business in the US. And ultimately, almost all the US tech companies have to withdraw their hands from continuing their businesses with Huawei.

But, now everything is correct for Huawei as the company has been removed from the trade blacklist by the US representatives. This all affected the dignity as well as the performance of the company.

Huawei, in order to tackle the situation, if it happens again build its own operating system known as Harmony OS to compete with Google’s Android. The company does not want to rely on the Google ecosystem. After releasing its in-house operating system, the company is working on to find a replacement for “Google Map”.

According to China Daily, Huawei is developing its own new mapping service dubbed Map kit. However, it’s not an exact alternative to Google Map but a framework which will allow the developers to develop map apps based on it. The report suggests that the new mapping service is in works but it has been restricted for direct use by the normal consumers.

Huawei has partnered with Yandex, a Russian-based search engine and Booking Holdings which runs a travel fare website for the development of the Map Kit service.

The features of the Huawei’s Map Kit service include real-time traffic conditions, lane change recognition, and AR features. It is expected that this service will be made available in 40 languages. And it is suggested that the company may launch the new Map Kit service during the month of October, this year.

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