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The Mate series of Huawei has always stood out for the high autonomy that characterizes its devices, and the next Mate 20 Pro will certainly not be less; far from it, it could set a new record for the Chinese house.

A new document has emerged that shows promotional material that highlights the evolution of the battery compartment of the latest top of the range of the Chinese house. If in 2017 it was the P10 Plus to be the master – with its 3,750 mAh – the new Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro have raised the bar of autonomy thanks to their 4000 mAh batteries.

The image suggests that the next device from Huawei could do even better: although it is not explicitly stated, the next smartphone in succession is just the Mate 20 Pro and the graphics used for the flyer seems to suggest that this device may exceed his predecessors.

In short, among the first rumors around Kirin 980 – the SoC that should move this interesting device – and the clues on a possible super battery, the new Mate 20 Pro becomes more interesting every day. Probably we will have to wait until late October to find out some more details on the top proposal with which Huawei will close its 2018.

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