Huawei Mate X: discovering the first Huawei folding smartphone

Presented just a few hours ago, Huawei Mate X is the answer of the Chinese giant to what Samsung offers with Galaxy Fold. Although both devices have the possibility of being folded in on themselves, the similarities end here. The screen of the Mate X is, in fact, unique (and not double as in the case of the Samsung product) and there is a border with a handle that has the three integrated cameras. The predisposition to 5G networks instead, seems to burn over time the Korean competition that will reach this goal only in the future with the Galaxy S10 5 G (on sale in our country since June).

If the challenge between the two Asian brands is promising to say the least interesting then, it must be said that these products are not mere photocopies. The competition, in the field of folding smartphones as well as on a wider level, seems quite exciting and will certainly give consumers some very interesting products. So, let’s analyze specifically the technical characteristics of Huawei Mate X.

Huawei Mate X: the display and other technical specifications

It is natural that the consumer’s attention to this device is concentrated on the screen. This is an 8 “OLED QHD + display (2480 x 2200 pixels) without a notch, a very large space that allows you to easily perform any type of action: from browsing to watching videos or photographs. The potential of this screen is further enhanced by the multi-window function that allows you to divide the display in half and thus be able to manage two apps simultaneously. When the screen is folded on itself, it measures 6.6 ” instead.

Keeping Huawei Mate X folded can be very useful when you want to take pictures. By taking pictures with the display closed on itself, you can still use both parts to take a picture both to those who are in front of the lens and those who are framing. Precisely in this regard, it should be noted that the triple camera adopted is Leica. The display, which folds outwards, in the “closing” phase is often 11 mm against 5.4 when it is completely open. The operating system adopted is an Android 9.0 Nougat.

Processor and 5G

Beyond what design is, the device in question has adopted a powerful processor like the Kirin 980 SoC at 7 nm, assisted by a Balong 5000 chip that will support 5G technology. What does this translate? Thanks to this particular configuration it will be possible to push the Mate X to a download speed equal to 10 times that offered by 4G, with downloads that can reach extreme speeds. To give you an idea, you can download a 1GB movie on your phone in about 3 seconds!

RAM, storage memory and battery

Huawei Mate X can count on 8 GB of RAM512 GB of internal memory. It seems that there is not a headphone jack (or maybe it’s just a forgetfulness of the developers since it does not appear in the documentation). In spite of internal memory and memory that is anything but revolutionary, a separate discussion is made on batteries.

These are two 4,500 mAh charging units supported by a USB-C power port. They are located under the two halves of the flexible screen. Beyond the total capacity, what is striking is the support for the new 55W quick charge patented by Huawei recently. This type of support allows you to recharge up to 85% of the battery in about half an hour.

Price and date of exit

Huawei Mate X will be available on the market in the summer of 2019 at the official price of € 2,299 with Interstellar Blue coloring. Simultaneously with the launch of the device on the market, a special cover will be available to protect the precious device.

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