Huawei Music
Huawei Music

The US government’s bans on Huawei have forced the Chinese manufacturer to develop its own ecosystem to combat the absence of Google Apps & Services.

One of the apps the company doesn’t have access to is Google Music. So she decided to develop her own music app, called Huawei Music.

What is the Chinese music app

Huawei Music comes pre-installed on the smartphones of its manufacturer and subsidiary, Honor. Those who own the app’s non-app smartphone can download it from AppGallery.

With the app, the user can stream music like Spotify, listen to radio stations, create playlists, crawl songs like Shazam, and download music for offline playback.

The cost of use

Initially, the app was available in Asia, and now it has come to Europe. Use of Huawei Music is free for one month and after the trial, the user has to pay a monthly subscription of 9.99 €.

The application is registered with the use of Huawei ID and the subscription is paid by card.

In addition, those who do not want to pay the monthly subscription can turn off streaming and use Huawei Music as a simple music player.

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