IMG 20180114 174002 519
IMG 20180114 174002 519

Huawei is gearing up to release it’s first flagship for the year 2018, the Huawei P20. And trust me, going by the leaks and rumours that have surfaced and still surfacing, the device is so promising – it’s gonna be a killer.

The Huawei P20 will be a successor to the Huawei P10 smartphone that was released February 2017. Funny how I was expecting a Huawei P11. I guess that isn’t how Huawei’s naming system works.

Huawei P20

Earlier rumours had it that the upcoming Huawei P20 will debut with a one-of-a-kind aspect ratio we have never seen in a smartphone before, new evolving information stamps such rumours to be actually true. While 2017 birthed a new aspect ratio trend (18:9) that saw new smartphones get slimmer and lengthier, seems 2018 is the year where we would see even longer phones than we have ever seen.

The Huawei P20 will have an awkward 18.7:9 aspect ratio and according to Gizmochina, the device will come with a FHD+ display with a 1080 x 2244 pixels resolution. There is no available detail regarding the actual screen size but by logic, it shouldn’t be any less than 6.0 inches. Could be more, but definitely not less.

The upcoming P20 smartphone will launch with the latest version of the Android Oreo OS and under the hood, it will feature Huawei’s native Kirin 970 SoC with eight cores (Octa-core) and support for Artificial Intelligence. To make the Huawei P20 even stand tall in the middle of rivalry, it is expected that Huawei will lace the device with a special kind of 3D facial recognition that would trump that of the Apple iPhone

As to what to expect: a long Huawei P20 with 1080 x 2244 pixels FHD+ resolution, Android 8.0, 6GB or 8GB, triple rear camera with a joint resolution of 40 Megapixels, 24MP selfie camera, and a long-lasting battery (exact mAh currently unknown).

It is also expected that the Huawei P20 will come in four different versions – Standard, Pro, Plus and Lite versions.

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