Huawei Poised to Take #1 Spot in the Smartphone Global Market


Apple is American, Samsung is South Korean, and Huawei is Chinese. Now, Huawei has edged out Apple to be second-largest smartphone company in the world but by 2020, the company wants to move up to be the number one company having the biggest shares, biggest sales, and biggest pool of fans worldwide.

Richard Yu, the CEO also emphasized that he believes that Huawei could actually become the number one smartphone maker in 2020. He mentioned that the company is focusing on innovations from foldable screens to artificial intelligence to help grow its business demographics.

At the present moment, the Chinese technology business company has the second largest market share at the second quarter of 2018. It is second only to Samsung and is sitting as a major contender on the world stage.

Huawei is talking very big now. It is talking foldable phones and 5G mobile technology but the story about the firm has not always been like this. Huawei came on board three years after Apple came out with an iPhone. Mobile networking equipment helped the company to rapidly rise and now, it is the one of the largest suppliers globally for that market. Huawei was also an original design manufacturer for other firms that need devices.

Taking a look at what the phone company has done in 2010 and is now doing in 2018, all the tell-tale signs are there that it is indeed a great brand. Back then in 2010 Huawei launched its first brand of mobile phone which was called IDEOS. It sold for just $67.50 USD. Now, in 2018, the company is releasing phones that have artificial intelligence chips and best smartphone features and they cost over $1,000.

Huawei's first smartphones 2010

It appears that the move from basic smartphones to the high-end smartphones paid off. This seems that this was made possible through the ability of the company to provide just what the consumers ask: larger screens, bigger batteries.

Yu always encourages his team to do their best, create innovation capability, make bold innovations, do something which people will see as crazy, he always wants the Huawei Team to challenge themselves.

Since the China vs US trade war constitutes a hindrance to business growth, Yu says Huawei will have to concentrate on other markets apart from US market because the company wants to take the leading role in the next ten years to become whole solution smart life provider.

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