Huawei Q1 Wifi router

Huawei held its Smart gadget products press conference on Wednesday and during the event, Huawei unveiled three smart router device to the public. The devices unveiled include the Huawei Q1, Huawei A1 and smaller Huawei A1 Lite and also the Huawei TV Box Pro.

The top-end device announced during the event was the Huawei Q1 which occupied the spotlight with its beautiful array of offerings.

The Huawei Q1 offers the normal router functions and also features a mini device which could be plugged to a wall socket and used to expand or increase the signal coverage. Huawei also brags that the Q1 would pack an ultra strong coverage that can envelop an entire storey building and the signal will be caught on all angles of the building.

Huawei Q1 wifi router price specs

Apart from that the Huawei Q1 also offers an innovative feature of being able to detect when you are doing a very important task like downloading, video streaming, playing video game online and others and the router would provide a stronger signal by automatically boosting the existing signal strenght.

The Huawei Q1 WiFi router also offers some other functions such as equipment management, remote management, Wi-Fi enhancement, guests WiFi, timer switch, operational security and other normal router functions.

Huawei also unveiled the A1 and A1 Lite at the launch event. Both devices are reduced versions of the Q1 but the A1 Lite is smaller in size than the A1.

Huawei Q1 Mini router

The Huawei TV Box Pro unveiled alongside the others, is just an upgraded version of the Huawei TV Box.

Already, the Huawei Q1, A1 and A1 Lite device is available for purchase is China via Huawei Mall, Jingdong and Lynx stores and carries a price tag of 599 Yuan which is about 100 US dollars.

On the other hand, the Huawei TV Box Pro will go on offline sales on July 12 and will sell at a price of 389 Yuan ( about $70 US dollars).

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