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It is true that Huawei has not had an easy life, especially since the United States has decided to complicate it. Everything related to the security issues of telecommunication devices. In practice, the United States thinks that this manufacturer passes information to the Chinese government. However, this can all be a simple trade war. Still, it is not for this reason that Huawei folded its arms. In fact, it is venturing into other markets and may even present a new car at a fair that will take place in Shanghai.

Huawei has seen tremendous growth in consumer electronics last year. In addition, it took the Apple of the second position, going now behind the first place. However, if this manufacturer ventures into other markets and things go well this way will be much easier. Thus, this incursion into the automobile market is not surprising.

In fact, new information reveals that Huawei is ready to launch its first car at the Shanghai Auto Show.

It is reported that this vehicle will be developed in conjunction with Dongfeng Motor, a Chinese car manufacturer based in Wuhan, China.

For Huawei, technology is certainly not a problem. Thus, this car will feature an integrated communications system, support for fifth-generation wireless networks and functions in the cloud. It will also include various functions of information consultation, digital vehicle management, traffic reports and equipment management that are linked.

Huawei and Dongfeng Motor have signed a 3 billion yuan deal (about 446 million US dollars), while local authorities in Xiangyang have been concentrating since the beginning of this month on developing cloud platforms for smart vehicles, logistics, and transportation The objective is autonomous vehicles with support for 5G networks.

During the signing ceremony of the agreement with the government of Xiangyang, the model of a smart minibus was displayed.

However, there is no further information about the Huawei car. So we will have to wait until the end of the month, at which time the Shanghai Auto Show is taking place.

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