HarmonyOS Features Multi Device IDE
HarmonyOS Features Multi Device IDE

The US government’s ban on Chinese giant Huawei is getting worse and heavier with each passing month. After all, this meant that one of the largest smartphone manufacturers on the planet was forced to create a new operating system from scratch, where of course, you can create a really desirable experience without needing Google services.

That said, Huawei is expected to start replacing its smartphones’ Android OS with its own HarmonyOS as early as next year. Something that is obviously a risk for Huawei, but that could also be harmful for the giant Google!

After all, despite all the known problems, Huawei continues to have very strong sales in Europe, especially in our country… So Google will end up losing many good users. This, for a new rival that, in truth, never thought to have to deal in the near future.

That said, it turns out to be very curious to be Huawei itself to reveal a key feature of the Google Operating System that should reform the old our well-known Android OS, the Fuchsia.

Huawei unveiled one of the key features of the Android replacement

So, if you are a fan of the Android world, it is very likely that you know the name Fuchsia well.

In the end, it is the OS that many say is the future of the mobile world, also bringing many fixes that are sorely lacking in the current Google OS. Where it is clear, we have to point out the fragmentation of the market, that is, Google should have the same exact freedom in launching updates as Apple with the iPhone. In addition, the new OS should also have a renewed focus on privacy and security settings.

However, there is a very interesting little thing that we now learn from Huawei, a key feature of the new Google OS that almost nobody seemed to know about.

Huawei has said that HarmonyOS will be able to behave like the Fuchsia OS!

That is, whoever buys a Huawei smartphone based on Android (EMUI 11), can ‘jump’ to the new OS (HarmonyOS) from the manufacturer! Which in turn confirms that any smartphone based on the latest Android, could jump to the new Fuchsia OS from the research giant.

This way, even if you buy a smartphone before the launch of these two operating systems, you will not be locked in an ecosystem with an end in sight, be it Android by Google, or Android by Huawei.

Huawei revealed one of the key features of the Android replacement – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below. 

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