Huawei Honor
Huawei Honor

A few weeks ago we saw how Huawei decided to remove the page that provided codes to unlock the bootloader on Huawei and Honor devices. Despite this, you can still ask for unlock codes via e-mail.

In the last days, the page has returned to be inoperative, but it seems that it will only be temporary since when entering it it offers a hopeless message.

“To provide a better user experience and avoid problems caused by ROM flashing, the unlock code application service will stop for all products launched after 2018-5-24. For products released before this date, the service will stop 60 days after this announcement.

Thanks for your understanding. We will continue to provide quality services”

This indicates that for devices launched after 05/24/2018 this page will not offer the unlock codes, while for those launched before that date they have 60 days to request it if they wish before the service ceases.

This is a very drastic decision on the part of Huawei, which is a very big blow against the user community and the freedom to modify the software of our device at will, since without those codes it will not be possible to unlock the bootloader, that will not allow you to root or install custom roms.

Huawei has not yet stated anything about it so we do not know if it’s just that the platform will stop working but they will continue to offer the codes via email, or they will stop offering these codes by all means.

For the good of the users and the community, one of the causes of Android being what it is today, we hope that this decision is not so drastic and continue to offer other alternatives to obtain the unlock codes, but, this decision could negatively affect the sales of the Chinese brand as users who modify their devices will no longer consider the Huawei and Honor devices.

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