Huawei’s HarmonyOS is A Way Far From The Perfection; The Report Says

Huawei's HarmonyOS is A Way Far From The Perfection; The Report Says

Last month, Huwaei announced its much-awaited HarmonyOS which was being considerd as Android’s replacement by the company. According to Huawei, HarmonyOS is better than Google’s Android OS and has many features making it superior to Android. Huawei even said that HarmonyOS is ready to replace Android and the company will do it when needed.

The company announced its HarmonyOS and the facts related to it with much fanfare and confidence. But, when it comes to reality it seems that HarmonyOS stands nowhere around Android. According to the company, Ark Compiler which is one of the most important components of the HarmonyOS can be used by the developers to convert the existing Android apps to HarmonyOS compatible app. So, the Ark Compiler plays a very crucial role when combating against Android.

According to the Chinese developers, the HarmonyOS’s Ark compiler is unfinished and has many bugs and issues. One of the developers has mentioned that the Ark Compiler can’t even compile its own demo sample. On, a programmer has clearly said that the announcement of HarmonyOS by Huwaei was made just for the sake of publicity.

A developer when asked about the performance of the Ark’s Compiler on Zhihu which is a QnA portal, he wrote: “The ad says it’s a Michelin 3-star. But when it’s served, it turns out to be a pack of Tingyi cup noodles and it doesn’t even come with hot water. Do you think it has met expectations?”. Most of the comments made here strongly criticized the Ark Compiler. One has also mentioned that the compiler can only compile the assembly language and it cannot compile further to create executable files.

Seeing all these, it’s clear that Huwaei has to go a long way to create something which can combat against Android.

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