iClever Smart Outdoor Outlet Plug: Better For Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

One good thing about the iClever Smart Outdoor Outlet is that it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Though it is a bit bulky, it is still nice. But people are warming up to this smart plug because it allows independent control of each outlet.

Outdoor smart plugs like the ones you see in the picture are here to add convenience to everything a person does whether at home or out of home during holidays. iClever Smart Plug comes with just two outlets and it is a good example of smarts added with value all coming in one device.

The buyer will happy with iClever Outdoor Plug because of the energy monitoring though it is not best when it comes to water resistance. However, it is better for scheduling and automation options and it won’t need HomeKit integration.

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To set things in motion, get a mobile smartphone equipped with Wi-Fi password. This is important because iClever uses Smart Life app as its control center. If your home’s Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz network; that is a lot better. It works iOS or Android, so connect your plug and follow on-screen instructions to add new device and connect it to Wi-Fi.

As mentioned at the outset, this plug works with Google Assistant and Alexa for automating, scheduling and also to control it remotely. Simply connect Alexa or Google Home account through their apps and soon your voice control is responsible and ready to use.

However, it is good to mention at this point that this plug does not work with HomeKit.

With the controllable outlets, the user is able to name, schedule and integrate with each outlet independent of the other.

And like mentioned outset too, this is not the best product for water resistance. The iClever can withstand water spraying but not water immersion. Accordingly, the manufacturer clarified that water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

iClever Outdoor Smart Plug is good but not good for everything. Nevertheless, in this terrain, this is the cheapest plug you can find that will work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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