Imose Kampe: The Big Feature Phone that Doubles as a PowerBank



As it is known, Imose Mobile is an organization and an Original Electronic Manufacturer that manufactures both high-end devices and mid-range smartphones. The Imose ANKARA S3 is a very good example of a mid-range device from Imose stables. You can check out the review and specifications and see how much of quality they impart on their devices irrespective if it is a midranget or not.

On the side, what many don't know is that they produce feature devices too... while still maintaining quality.

Let's have a look at the Imose Kampe, a rugged and rocky feauture phone from Imose.


Imose Kampe
Imose Kampe

If you're Nigerian, and you speak or understand the Pidgin English, you wouldn't​ need a priest to tell you that the word KAMPE simply translates into STRONG, ALRIGHT or RUGGED. The idea behind the Imose Kampe all revolves around the word KAMPE.

The build and design is not left out. The Imose Kampe body and structure reeks strength​! The device is big and bold. Same as the buttons and all other aspects of the device like the extra-huge flashlight that's located at the top and the wide speaker at the rear.

At the side, the device is cut at both the right and left side in a bid to ensure firm grip and prevent then Imose Kampe from slipping off the hands. The device is big remember? So side-cut design is just the perfect design. Also, the device is largely built so as to accommodate the big battery.


The display screen on the Kampe is a 1.8-inch QVGA display. The screen resolution is capped at 320 x 240 pixel. The device display is poor, yes. But who cares? It still display digits, images and colours that are visible to the eye, that's what matters. Besides, it's a feature phone remember?


The Imose Kampe has a single primary camera at the rear. The camera is a 1.3MP shooter. Though the camera will obviously produce poor quality and poorly lighted images, it is still a laudable feature from Imose. For a feature phone to have a camera is not something we get to see all the time. Besides, most companies don't even bother incorporating cameras on their feature devices.


Now to the big one! The Imose Kampe is known for its physical ruggedness and likewise, its battery ruggedness.

The Imose Kampe has a humongous 10,000mAh battery pack. This puts this feature phone in the class of the mighty OUKITEL K10000

. The Imose Kampe can give you a 14days period of talk-time without charge and a massive 30days standby time. WOW! Now this is the big deal.

Another amazing feature of this device is that it can charge other phones. This means the phone doubles as a power bank. Amazing isn't it?!?


The Imose Kampe is a big monster; design-wise and battery wise. The phone​ is a bit bulky and could be a burden to the hands and pocket... I guess that's the sacrifice to make for owning such a dual-purpose phone. With this phone, you don't have to worry about owning a powerbank anymore or about frequent Power outage​. You can as well use it to charge your other devices. Imose Kampe got you covered.

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