Although it was expected that the Galaxy S9 would come with a whole new design, Samsung apparently finally chose to keep it quiet, so many people do not really consider the device as a real upgrade. The sales figures would suffer and the eyes are now focused on the Galaxy S10. This would get the big redesign we expected from the S9 and it seems that we finally know a little more about the device.

To the Galaxy and Beyond

The South Korean financial news site The Bell is known for its reliable information about Samsung’s plans. And in a new article, they say more about the Galaxy S10. For example, the device would go internally under Samsung under the code name “Beyond“. The code names of Samsung’s devices often describe the purpose of the smartphones. With Beyond they could aim at the fact that the device should go beyond what we have seen so far. Of course, the large redesign fits perfectly with this.

Galaxy S10 Concept Creator concept

Galaxy S10 with an in-display fingerprint scanner

The Bell also indicates that the S10 will finally get an in-display fingerprint scanner. Since last year the world expects a scanner under the display with the Samsung devices, but so far it has not been successful. Recently, Synaptics finally succeeded in getting the technology working properly and the Vivo X20 Plus UD became the first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Maybe we already see such a scanner with the Note 9.

Galaxy A90 will have 6.73 inch super large screen, running Snapdragon 855 chip?

Face ID-like feature

In addition to an in-display fingerprint scanner, Samsung would also be working on a module to create 3D scans. This would be used to scan your face and act as the Face ID feature of the iPhone X. However, the South Korean news site is less certain about this feature and it is possible that we see the 3D face recognition only with a later model. Samsung would at least work with Mantis Vision to develop the software for the feature. In the meantime, we continue to play with AR Emoji.


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